Review: Narcos Season 3 Episode 10 “Going Back to Cali”

Despite mostly focussing upon tying up loose ends, this finale features a strong directorial vision and well written narration that presents a thematic conclusion to the season. It may be rather explicit in its intentions, but the dialogue highlights the constant cycle of crime present within corrupt nations, often hidden behind the illusion of justice. For Pena its a defining moment, and the episode ends recognising that. Yet, this episode, and the season in general, still feels very much isolated from the ground game. Highlighting the implications for the leaders of the Cali Cartel, the political ramifications and the roles of those in charge of the Columbia drug trade’s downfall is necessary and well-accomplished, but there is little resemblance of an effect upon Columbia itself. It is a finale that accurately resolves the stories of its protagonists and antagonists, but never strides further in showing the full force of the ripple effects. 8.5/10


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