Review: Narcos Season 3 Episode 8 “Convivir”

The continual spiralling that the Cali Cartel find themselves within makes for excellent, chaotic, suspenseful viewing, as the main leaders erupt out of paranoia. Yet, that story’s most important asset is Jorge, and the stunning Matias Varela, whose fight for survival is tense, well developed and paced. Unfortunately, however, the two main culminating sequences in this episode, positioned predicability near the end, are edited to intercut in a manner that dilutes both scenes’ grip on the viewer, as their relative pace and levels of energy do not match. Luckily, again, excellent performances are able to sustain some sense of atmosphere and effect. Pena also feels substantially sidelined in this episode, as while his narrative is necessary, it simply doesn’t live up to the brilliant character work and complex motivations shown within the Cali Cartel. 8.4/10


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