Review: Narcos Season 3 Episode 7 “Sin Salida”

This episode presents a thematically accurate vision of the ‘Gentlemen of Cali’, a group of men living the high-life, but ultimately forced into the rubble, behind fake walls, illusions and truths. The raid it centres around is excellently directed and excruciatingly tense, as Jorge’s fate hangs in the balance as a character we truly want to succeed. It carries some of the visual ambition I have desired, and although the consequences are largely reminiscent of the ‘hidden losses behind the initial wins’ this series is used to, characters are reaching their boiling points. I still continue to wish the writers allowed more time to highlight the impact upon the lower class, and the actual drug trade, as this season has felt often isolated to the elites and those in power, but again this episode presents a tantalising ending that promises fallout to come. 8.8/10


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