Review: Narcos Season 3 Episode 3 “Follow The Money”

Although Pena continues to feel slotted into bureaucratic negotiations, meetings and complications, this episode provides some greater meaning behind such boundaries. Instead of representing simple administrative disruption, the CIA and Senators have their own ideological perspectives that represent that of America and others watching Columbia. It illustrates an excellent outsider view that contrasts with Pena, even if the narrative in itself is not as compelling as one would wish. This episode however, does deliver a brilliant sequence two-thirds of the way through, dripping with tension, as the viewer is torn between both sides, the police and the Cali Cartel. Again, it’s the type of scene one has seen before, but due to masterful direction, acting and pacing, it works. Matias Varela also continues to be a stand-out as Jorge really continues to come into his own, as a complex, morally intriguing figure. It is a shame however, that so many different pieces do slow down the episode as a whole, and lumps of exposition distract. But a gripping cliffhanger and the sense that things are about to catch fire certainly helps. 8.4/10


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