Review: The Defenders Season 1 Episode 8 “The Defenders”

This finale lacks ambition, energy, chemistry and logic. Neither the direction nor the writing seem at all concerned in providing logical consequence to actions or showing greater personal ramifications outside of quick superficial, and expected reactions. The action is dull, and apart from one or two shots, the cinematography falters as a result of the boring, cheap production design and no vision. The writing is at times far too ceremonious, punching forward the concept of the characters as a team without truly exploring their relationships. Simply, the writers tell the audience this how it is, and expects us to follow along, without any emotional push factor. The ending is utterly underwhelming and the show as a whole lacks any true consequence or anything that will keep the audience waiting for the next season. Nearly every character returns to a norm, ignoring the convoluted events that preceded them. It’s structurally flawed, torn between supporting characters that also contribute little. The Defenders never truly rose to the challenge, but to be fair, the writers’ idea of a challenge was so murky, defunct, and purposeless, that probably couldn’t figure out what the hell it was. 4.3


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