Review: Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 “The Dragon and the Wolf”

Coming into this penultimate season, one could begin to put together the pieces of how characters would intersect, behave and ultimately who would continue to survive. Many of those predictions come true in this episode, but it is a testament to the writers and the directors that not for a single minute does any of it underwhelm. The absolutely electrifying sensation that this episode enforces is like a tsunami of shock, gratification and disbelief. An emotional whirlpool is produced as the writers solidify the bonds of characters and tear others apart. Peter Dinklage gives arguably the performance of the year, as he and the similarly incomparable Lena Headey go head to head, while the complexity of staging war and sustaining alliances is clearly presented. Littlefinger’s plan runs upon his ability to verbally manipulate, so it is justice to see such actions meet their fate with clear thematic opposition. It’s swift but effective. Something that the final sequence shows no concern for. A long, traumatic, scene that rips through the audience’s melting hope and devours any sense of happiness. 10/10


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