Review: Death Note

Source: Highsnobeity

‘Death Note’ is absolutely tortured and devoured by its pace. Rocketing through every significant moment with zero care for source material or character, this film’s script is a tumultuous beast that lacks emotion, tension and dramatic consequence. The characters are paper-thin, lacking any foundation to influence their moral decision, while the touches of theme are quickly dismantled by no focus being placed upon character implication or relationships. Instead, the characters’ actions end up seeming senseless, silly and overtly convoluted. Willem Dafoe provides an excellent performance as the death god, but even superb practical and special effects cannot add a slice of horror to this film. The production design also attempts to push the film down a grittier path, but due to horrid, over-the-top zany lead performances, and the script’s incompetency in dealing with character and theme, ‘Death Note’ simply embarrasses itself. 2/5


The production design does at time push this film toward


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