Review: Preacher Season 2 Episode 10 “Dirty Little Secret”

Although the opening presented a clear indicator of the tone that would be applied to the Messiah and the central arc concerning him and Jesse’s approach, the result was still incredibly generic, cringe-worthy and ultimately embarrassing. While it is certainly appropriate thematically to make such a decision regarding the Messiah, reinforcing Starr’s notion of nature and the order of succession, the predictability of such a move hurt the sequence’s impact and the overall stakes of Jesse’s mission. Starr may be nicely filling the void left by the Saint of Killers (who I still believed was underserved), but I still struggle with the dramatic change in character we have seen with him. Elsewhere, this episode contained some satisfying humour, and Tulip at least feels used, if not in the most necessary or compelling manner. 6.4/10


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