Review: The Defenders Season 1 Episode 4 “Royal Dragon”

Of the four main protagonists, Jessica Jones continues to come off the most fully-rounded, intuitive, and interesting. Consistently keeping to true to character, Jones is the only defender to actually see any real, or unique, character arc so far on this show. While the banter and dynamic between the others is excellently written and often unpredictable in who sides with who and what each character agrees on, they are yet to feel worthy of a team-up miniseries. Halfway in, this show has yet to see the spectacle or scope that should seperate it from the solo shows. Alexandra and Stick may provide mountains of exposition to create tension, but so far, little has been shown visually or in an emotionally potent manner. Furthermore, Alexander’s move at the end of this episode is senseless, as it should only motivate the protagonists to synergise. Elektra, both as a villain and as a source of conflict for Matt, is weak and generic. More needs to happen to make this show worthy of its titular material. 7.1/10


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