Review: Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 20 “Beside Still Water”

Despite poor direction, average visual effects and an overall flat tone, that only briefly promises any grand fantasy showcase near the end, the writers do a good job at giving all characters something to do. While the episode is primarily focussed on Clary, and for good reason, Mace, Alec and Issy are all nicely brought together, even if it means quickly tying up wavering storylines. The use of mythology to create such synergy and sense of a team is gratifying, but attempts at producing some emotional ramifications through flashbacks fail to inspire. Furthermore, Katherine McNamara continues to let down the cast, with a mediocre performance that hurts the tension of the final throw-down. The cliffhangers are all adequate, though hopefully next season’s story won’t stray too far for the show’s central narrative. 7.4/10


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