Review: The Defenders Season 1 Episode 2 “Mean Right Hook”

Despite some clever tie-ins at the end, that not only begin the formation of ‘The Defenders’ but raise the stakes of the narratives main mystery in an organic, enticing manner, the poor direction at the core of this series is hurting its momentum. Not only does the slow pace make much of this episode redundant as the writers continue to try and enforce the protagonists into their respect status quo, but even past the pace, there is not a lot happening. Alexandra simply sits in the background, ambiguously planning something that I am sure will show up as a sort of climax, but in the meanwhile just bores. The action is extremely sub-par with SJ Clarkson’s camera decision trying too hard to present multiple perspectives and an aspect of ‘grittiness’ without first dealing with the basics. 6.8/10


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