Review: Ozark Season 1 Episode 10 “The Toll”

While the show’s cyclical formula of having the Byrdes jump between success, relaxation and sudden downfall has been predictable and tedious, this episode ramps up the tension and stakes so high that it becomes tantalising, despite such structural problems. The show’s intersecting pieces are nicely played and the time the writers have spent positioning everything works wonderfully, even if some supporting characters, like Ruth, are left within their own spheres. Amongst the riveting escalation, and the full on emotional impact the show provides, with Bateman at his best as both an actor and director, ‘Ozark’ emphasises the societal effect of crime and the communal system in which it operates. It’s an excellent ending that underscores such a theme of social ambiguity and never quite knowing who you are dealing with. 8.8/10


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