Review: Ozark Season 1 Episode 9 “Coffee, Black”

As the wheels keep turning and the Byrde family find themselves back and forth between success and desperation, ‘Ozark’, for the most part has lost a lot of what made it special to begin with. While Marty and Helen continue to have a brilliant dynamic, as their relationship continues to fuel their business decisions, other key relationships have been overshadowed, particularly that between Marty and Ruth. There is a certain repetition to the process that weighs the show down and dilutes the tension. We see the Byrdes adapt fantastically, but what joy or emotional pay off is there if we know a downfall will come soon. Despite this, this episode benefited from excellent direction from Bateman, a gripping performance from Linney, and tight character motivations and actions in the final acts. 7.7/10


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