Review: Ozark Season 1 Episode 8 “Kaleidoscope”

Attempting to fit the origin-like story of Marty Byrde, as the audience knows him, into one episode is both admirable and unfortunate. While it shows the defining events that pushed Marty out of his comfort zone, towards taking risk for the benefit for his own family as well as his own internal feelings, a lot of the deeper layers and hesitant, cautious moves are lost. It oversimplifies the magnitude of the decision and what Marty witnesses at the end of the episode therefore does not carry enough weight. He is shocked, but it doesn’t register with him as one would expect. It is interesting however, to see Marty’s relationship with Del, a royal contrast to their current position. It showcases the ups and downs of a trajectory envisioned by the Byrdes, and one that is representative of risk. Roy’s story, however, is once again on another show. 7.6/10


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