Review: Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 “The Queen’s Justice”

From Ayra meeting Nymeria, to Danerys returning home, this season has excellently put emphasis upon resolution and in providing pay-off for seasons of teases. This episode doesn’t change that with further focus upon complex, fragile relationships between characters, heavily symbolised by past conflict and betrayals, while the writers also allow humour to be utilised by characters, yet again in a politically charged and manipulative manner. The rushing of the past in influencing the future is obvious here. Tyrion and Jon’s previous relationship is used as a means of creating unity, while Cersei’s revenge balances the personal with the political. The converging of the two is where the sensation lies, and the writers are able to perfectly balance such fanfare with narrative purpose. Unfortunately however, the last acts do feel rather rushed, with little action to match the magnitude of the twists or the glory of finally seeing Highgarden and Casterly Rock (even though they were both underserved by a lack of budget). While narrative progression would override staying in such locations for long, more could have been done to illustrate the significance of such events. 9.1/10


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