Review: Ozark Season 1 Episode 4 “Tonight We Improvise”

One of the most interesting elements to this show is how it deals with class perspective, particularly in shining a light in both the middle-class cash laundering by Marty, and then the lower-class crime by Ruth and her family. Perspective and the layers that make up society is further explored by the way the lake represents a coming together, where everyone to open to everyone else, something noted by Charlotte overhearing her parents, as well as Wendy’s continual observations. In saying this, I felt it was a missed opportunity for the show to not put Ruth primarily in the seat of the audience. While to an extent she does represent Marty’s ‘apprentice’, the beginning sequence is so excellent, it should have been his teaching to her. Furthermore, Marty and Wendy’s approach to Jonah is way too quickly paced, as while I understand the thematic point the show is attempting to make regarding Wendy’s role, the abruptness conflicts the greater tone. ‘Ozark’ seems to be sitting on the line between greatness and having too much raw ambition. If it was to slow down a little and really emphasise its main lines of discussion, it could become excellent. 8.4/10


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