Review: Preacher Season 2 Episode 6 “Sokosha”

Placing incredible focus upon the main arc of the three central characters, their search for God, and continual escape from the Saint of Killers, ‘Preacher’ returned to being both superbly compelling and fascinating in terms of its willingness to embrace fantasy. The excellent Soul taking sequences were certainly a highlight, as was the contrast in framing between the homely lifestyle Tulip and Jesse resort to and the reality of their situation. Its absurdist in a subtle way, but one that works from what we know of the characters. Unfortunately, the heavy exposition and rather fast resolution to pivotal storylines does undermine the main villain and the threat the protagonists face. Sure, the finality this episode presents won’t last, but such quick developments did seem out of whack with the pace this show usually provides. 8.5/10


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