Review: Preacher Season 2 Episode 5 “Dallas”

Falling into a similar trap as Season 1, ‘Preacher’ once again finds itself diverting from its primary narrative for what seems like a real attempt at potent character development, but ends up with little depth or meaningful implications. Seeing Tulip and Jesse’s dynamic following their initial tragedy certainly provides an interesting perspective on the character, yet the two have come so far over the last season alone that much of it feels redundant. While Jesse attempted to leave his criminal past behind, Tulip has always been the rebellious force with secrets. It reinforces their current position but does little else. Essentially, there is little new here and the flashbacks themselves become repetitive. The direction captures distinct atmosphere changes but following last weeks slow, and also largely pointless in terms of overall plot, episode, this also felt like another let down. 6.3/10


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