Review: Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 8 “Children of Wrath”

Kim Dickens provides an exemplary performance here, finally given the character moments that such an actress deserves. While one may argue what Madison’s true intentions or motivations are, whether they are undoubtably to her children or in sustaining control and ease, something her back-story showcases as a major desire. Alicia and Nick Clark also have defining turns here, as Alicia embraces her hardened, aggressive perspective and Nick follows his mother away from frail moral questions and into a darkened decisive figure. Considering where these characters came from, their arcs have been beautifully developed this season. The episode’s wider thematic discussions of racism and tribalism may be a little superficial, and used more as plot devices to create suspense than real talking points, but it provides clear viewpoints on the characters’ positions. This first half of the season has elevated the show beyond the original ‘The Walking Dead’, something I hope it will sustain in the back half. 8.9/10


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