Review: Spiderman: Homecoming

Source: SpidermanHomecoming

An absorbing, hilarious, energetic and, most significantly, compelling insight into youth entitlement and ones’ journey into finding their own way of dealing with obstacles. ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ may not stick the landing on all the thematic concepts it introduces, many of which feel manufactured for cliched ‘hero’s moments’, but Tom Holland is awe-inspiring as he fully encapsulates Peter Parker and truly becomes the iconic hero. The rest of the cast, including a marvellous Michael Keaton as possibly Marvel’s best villain yet, the beautifully developed ‘Vulture’, consistently add emotion, humour and interesting interweaving views on the wider genre’s hero dynamic, promoting the necessity of diverse, three-dimensional supporting roles and their impact on the central protagonist’s arc. The middle does feel rather formulaic, but the emotional third act, with its absolutely piercing twist and moral conundrums regarding family, which again are only slightly explored, result from stellar writing and often surprisingly tense direction. There is no defining action sequence or cinematic flair but as a package this film provides a stirring perspective on the ground level heroes, and expands the cinematic universe in its arguably most intriguing manner yet. 4/5



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