Review: Okja

Source: Slash Film

Within a capitalist society, breeding consumerism and big-budget spectacle as a way of disguising reality, duplicitous perception is key to success. ‘Okja’ is a vivid, visually compelling marvel in the distinction it finds between the natural and manufactured, implemented through gorgeous cinematography and disturbing, haunting imagery. The world is both fantastical and reflective, a pulpy, fleshed out symbol of consumer carelessness and ignorance, but one that identifies heart and friendship as constant opposition. The director promotes these political concepts yet still retains a tense, absorbing narrative, with a superb soundtrack and informative, but never contrived or exposition heavy, dialogue and circumstances. The acting is also exceptional, especially from new-comer Ahn Seo-hyun and the always incredible Tilda Swinton. ‘Okja’ will provide a heavy, yet still entertaining, imprint upon the viewer, an emotional insight into the fronts put forward to hide intention and garner desires. 5/5


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