Review: Sense8 Season 2 Episode 10 “If All the World’s A Stage, Identity is Nothing But A Costume”

If these reviews sound repetitive, it is because the show’s structural issues, within its formulaic grander scheme, is prominently returning. While I enjoy seeing each of the sensate’s lives play out with their individual dramas, conflicts, romances and motivations, it feels as if the writers have forgotten the central premise of the show. The over-arching story of BPO could be argued to only be the means in which these characters are tied together, with the sensate/sci-fi foundations necessary to explore interculturalism. But then why make the viewer invest? This episode presents some excellent ideas of identity, hedonism and wealth, with superb cinematography as usual but the stakes don’t feel consistent, and the bigger picture is quickly let go. For a show about being yourself and emphasising who you are, Sense8 doesn’t know what it is. 6.5/10


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