Review: Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Episode 13 “Storm-y Weather”

Ultimately, it is incredibly frustrating that by the end of this reasonably tense and well-directed finale, the show’s biggest answer is not answered: What will be the impact of the riot. Obviously that is a long-term question but for a season that drew out a few days into 13 episodes, you would expect it would conclude by examining some form of consequence rather than another cliffhanger. The final sequence is beautiful and does portray most of the central characters to the show, the ones that deserve the lengthy flashbacks and screen-time, but the rest of the episode suffers from the same disjointed, emotionless issues the whole season has had. The death near the end also seems like a cop-out, the show’s way of running away from a need to explore repercussions if they don’t affect the overall well-being of the inmates. Maybe they learnt from Bailey’s horrid storyline this season, but overall, while I am excited for next season, I hope this season’s structure is not attempted again. 7.4/10


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