Review: Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Episode 11 “Breaking The Fiberboard Ceiling”

Though Suzanne’s storyline is a mess, spiralling around in some irrelevance to give Uzo Aduba something to do, the feeling of resolve is starting to seep through. One of my criticisms of this season has been it’s disjointed nature, more than any other season. So it was nice seeing the ladies come together, even if it did lead to more conflict that didn’t feel ultimately necessary. Lorna’s storyline, though again underdeveloped and rushed due to the shows structure, resolved both in terms of narrative and her arc, embracing her unique personality and mental illness. Gloria also received significant screentime here as the writers pushed the idea of the importance of returning to ones children hard. It was emotional seeing the character’s efforts and something I hope remains a focus. 7.8/10


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