Review: Fargo Season 3 Episode 10 “Somebody To Love”

A general criticism proposed against many of television and film’s endings is their decision to create ambiguity over concrete resolution. The ending of this season works in the sense that it is thematically perfect in continuing the dialogue about truth, distortion and perspective. But beyond this, for the viewer who only understands the surface level concepts raised and invests themselves within a narrative with characters and reasoning, it it a let-down of gigantic proportions. To be fair, most of this episode is, with both Emitt and Nikki’s storylines being resolved it seems more for the sake of it than anything else. Yes, we can make the argument that the randomness, contrived, chaotic, unpredictable nature is again within thematic bounds, but if that’s the case why should the viewer even try to care for the characters if their endings are going to be so emotionless. It isn’t even as if the director and writer was able to conjure up a sense of tension. I respect what this finale was trying to do, but for me personally it reads as a cinephile making a film only those on their supposed level of keen surrealist sensibility will understand, after nine episodes of generally fair, absorbing material. 6.5/10


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