Review: Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 “100”

The use of flashbacks, or solo character episodes, has plagued the later instalments of ‘The Walking Dead’, where little is ever achieved and minute, poorly written character actions, almost pretentious in their forced symbolism, are supposed to be categorised as development. Yet, this episode is sensational beyond the sublime technical craft displayed and the iconography of many random, seemingly contrived moments that instead represent the theme of coming back, being revitalised and the underdog. Its focus upon Daniel is unflinching, a beautiful exploration of how our past intercepts our future, something introduced in the previous episode. For one of the first times with this show I felt I was being introduced to an already established world of issues, hierarchy and greater political problems, rather than the show manufacturing them to fit the character. It may blink past some more detailed moments and while I like the ending in the sense that it did not stagnate the pace, I do hope focus remains on Daniel rather than the others in his environment. Finally, this episode truly only works due to the sensational performance Reuben Blades gives, alongside Melissa McBride for being the two actors who truly elevate their shows. 9.3/10


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