Review: Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 10 “Lantern”

The primary promise life will always deliver upon is that change will always occur. Whether it be the transition of a lantern as a symbol of safety to one of absolute trauma, the change in the audience’s perspective of a character due a gut-wrenching performance and excellent direction, or the change that one brings about that while possibly damaging their own reputation heals others. Jimmy wants to believe that change comes quick, but as ‘Better Call Saul’ truly understands, change takes time and the show has done a phenomenal job in developing every seed of character, visual symbolism and the ensuing emotion. Jimmy’s dedication to anything he done goes beyond the thinkable, whether for right or wrong, Jimmy will get it done and to think that him finally admitting his flaws and his regrets leads to another not believing they have a purpose is haunting. Chuck’s life has centred around control and knowing what is coming next, so when that is gone he simply fades and his efforts have no merit or purpose. The emotion is not simply stimulated from one sequence or character, but this culmination of threads that suggest that change must and will occur. The brief interludes from Nacho and Gus do break this intensity with their own momentum, but overall ‘Better Call Saul’ is without a single doubt, the most personal, upsetting, disturbing show ever made. 10/10


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