Review: Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Episode 8 “Tied to the Tracks”

Again ‘Orange Is The New Black’ squanders its ability to create emotion with its structure that lacks clear arcs and cohesion. Instead we are randomly alerted to the drama and issues of some characters lives that feel underdeveloped, suddenly picked off the editing floor and thrown against the wall, hoping they would stick. Daya’s story here individually is effective with the flashbacks working well, but the character has seen such little focus since the premiere that the emotion doesn’t resonate. Instead we are given other stories, that while significant in their own right, ultimately lack the impact Daya’s could have had. I am all for looking at the repercussions of Doggett’s situation and how her relationships adapt, but it feels repetitive. Furthermore, the climax of last episode is essentially forgotten, as the show attempts to make the audience feel for the state of these characters, but unfortunately simply is too distracted by many different parts. 6.7/10


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