Review: Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Episode 7 “Full Bush, Half Snickers”

The sense of community and unity created here was potent in the sense that it contrasted so heavily to the mentality of many of the characters. It is an aspect of the show not often covered, noting that while many like Crazy Eyes or Lorna may be funny for the audience, there are deeper, more serious, social issues associated with them. Creating such a calm, structured environment allowed for these issues to stand out, with an excellent performance from Uzo Aduba. However, while the aspects discussed within this episode were intriguing, much of it relied upon the character’s past flashbacks that were either  too insignificant or long ago to have real emotional impact. Furthermore, the episode’s climax feels seriously under-developed, a sudden burst of tension and rage across many storylines, of which only a couple feel meaningful. 8.2/10


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