Review: Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 9 “Fall”

The perfect climax to any show relies upon the consistency of character development, trusting in the writers to present full-formed characters that remain true to their own intentions and personality while also understanding the evolution that one must entail. With this episode ‘Better Call Saul’ confirms itself as arguably one of the greatest pieces of character focussed television produced, with its stirring presentation of an ensemble of characters facing the reality of what they must do. For Jimmy, there is no consequence outside of his own sphere. The audience is provided an at times heart-stopping insight into his means of securing his own fortune. It’s an emotional boombox of character beats, representing his fast-paced mentality of not getting bogged down in the details and pushing problems towards others. Yet, we understand the complexity behind such actions, inherent to the person he is, unwilling to let others take the wheel. For Kim, it is her unconscious embarking towards fate as her focus on work and nothing else sets up a tragic course, where uncertainty is likely to dominate. For Chuck, the viewers experience a man desiring control and power yet who cannot grasp it, our growing sympathy for him a response to Michael McKean’s incredible performance. And finally, Mike, the man whose disjointed story resonates here with his own need to place trust in others, and his resilience against it. The notion of lacking control over ones’ life is a disturbing realisation, for all these characters as well as Nacho. It may be the final straw for many, indicative of what will likely be a heart-wrenching fall. 9.9/10



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