Review: Bloodline Season 3 Episode 10 “Part 33”

Within this over-stuff, exposition reliant, and hardly satisfying series finale, there is a sequence between Sally, John and Kevin that really encapsulated what this series could have been. It is a powerfully treatment of the illusion families put up of love and care and the coddling we do to try align each other with our morals and values. Ultimately, however, not exposing ourselves to the truth of life means that when tough times arise we can spiral out control. It is a powerful statement from an exceptional Sissy Spacek, but one that is overshadowed by the rushed attempts to resolve many different storylines. Sally is simply pushed aside for the more tense, suspenseful moments that end in a moment of unneeded ambiguity. Like other episodes this season, aspects are either unnecessary or lack development, meaning big changes in character, as represented here by Belle, feel sudden and contrived. I appreciate aspects of this resolution, but its inconsistency and overall forced feeling just dilutes what should have been a monumental statement. 7/10


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