Review: Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Episode 2 “Fuck, Marry, Frieda”

Considering these first two episodes, ‘Orange Is The New Black’ looks like it will draw out the riot for a large portion of the season, using it to highlight the diverse nature of its characters, their various qualities and interests. It works but I can see it getting tiring very quickly. By the end of this episode many of the interactions and specific smaller moments either felt like filler or couldn’t stand out from the rest. The flashbacks which have always held a great emotional potency in other seasons don’t work here as again the present day storyline of the spotlighted character is minor and without much consequence. For the most part, the comedy works, especially in relation to seeing the inmates use social media and discover meme culture, but a lack of focus only provides us with small bursts that become tedious and simply disinvolving. As an overall illustration, I appreciate what the writers are trying to say about intercultural communities and organisation, but as individual moments, it just becomes unnecessary. 7.6/10


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