Review: Fargo Season 3 Episode 8 “Who Rules the Land of Denial?”

Personally, I am not a fan of disjointed, time-jumping narratives, unless they provide rippling, meaningful effects for the overall story or characters. This episode’s disjointed nature goes beyond poor cohesion and echoes within its stylisation and genre. The excellently directed and shot first half, which is both tense, suspenseful, symbolic and oddly humorous, is far superior to anything else this season of ‘Fargo’ has accomplished. Yet the second half, and the interlude at the Bowling Alley, both suffer from Noah Hawley’s commitment to surrealism. Usually Hawley nails it, as he did mostly earlier this year with ‘Legion’, but this episode felt like it was being weird for the sake of it. The implications for Varga’s men, especially Yuri, were emotionless and I simply didn’t care as the characters have always represented generic goons. Furthermore, the twist and circumstances with Sy and Emitt also fell flat because they were both rushed, due to the time jump, and weakened by previous under-development. Such a contrast in halves is disappointing when there is so much potential. 8.1/10


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