Review: Bloodline Season 3 Episode 9 “Part 32”

I appreciate the writers’ ambition in attempting to resolve this series in an interesting way but this was just so incredibly pointless, self-indulgent and ludicrous that for me it just became background noise. Portraying John’s paranoia, his relationship with his brother and his position within the family hierarchy, this episode relied heavily on exposition and clichéd mental metaphors, diving into repercussions not yet fully developed and rushing through resolutions. The acting is excellent, as one would expect, but everything discussed here was either a shot in the arm of answers, or simply reinforcing aspects of John’s morality that could have been done in far less forceful way. Considering the lack of care presented here, and with only one episode to go, I doubt ‘Bloodline’ is going to finish on a high note. 3.5/5


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