Review: Master of None Season 2 Episode 9 “Amarsi Un Po”

The relationship between Dev and Francesca has been the weakest aspect of this season, so devoting an hour-long episode to it was always going to feelunderdeveloped and not necessarily compelling. However, this episode also suffers from contrived circumstances that forcefully push the pair together and a rushed ending that seems to be focussed more on giving Aziz Ansari material to play with as an actor, rather than being fulfilling as a narrative resolution. While the actors certainly have an energetic chemistry and they sell the tortured state of their friendship, the predictable writing made it hard to become invested. Furthermore, for all the character’s worry and concern, there was little discussion about the repercussions of breaking up an engagement and I almost felt like aspects of this episode encouraged that. It is a dangerous line I am not sure this episode treads well. The episode opens with sequences representing American opportunity, splendour and fortune, but I am not sure advertising this sort of relationship is right. 6/10


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