Review: Master of None Season 2 Episode 10 “Buona Notte”

The viewer’s response to this episode is going to depend on which perspective they believe the episode is shot from. From Dev’s perspective this episode excellently deals with the aftermath of fantasy disillusion, the emotional break-up and return to realism. However, objectively, there is little here to make Dev sympathetic, both in his denial of wrong in dealing with Francesca and in his ability to spot Jeff’s flaws. From the moment Jeff was introduced on this show, his flirtatious tendencies have been incredibly obvious so I feel real suspension of disbelief is needed to believe Dev hadn’t noticed this. One could argue this is a comment on Dev’s inability to pick up on emotional cues, something that could relate to his relationship with Francesca, but it I feel that would undermine Dev as a character in saying he couldn’t recognise the most obvious of actions. The ‘Raven Live’ sequence is hilarious however, as are other sequences throughout the episode. Ultimately, while I recognise the differing perspectives one may apply to this episode and to Dev’s journey, too much of it is based on audiences simply falling for the fantasy rather than seeing Dev as a real person with committments and responsibilities as a human. 6.9/10


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