Review: Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 11 “Mia Maxima Culpa”

With superb direction capturing this series’ fine line between light and dark, while also presenting excellently rendered and visually interesting effects, ‘Shadowhunters’ returns with an episode of fantasy delight. The new characters are instantly compelling and look to have a range of abilities that will test the main characters. While I hope the series doesn’t become too sidetracked by the new villain, it does help that his power-set and relation to the show’s wider lore is quickly established. This episode also made mention of greater political ramifications of last episode’s events, and although I find the Wolves leadership challenge fairly predictable, I hope we are given insight into other factions and their responses to the events occurring. Crafting the show’s world should be its main priority while also retaining focus upon the main narrative. 8.2/10


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