Review: Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 8 “Slip”

‘Better Call Saul’s’ use of flashbacks and flashforwards throughout its run have always been of incredible significance in portraying the man who Jimmy is and who he wants to be. The flashback featured in this episode feels the most pivotal of them all, an insightful examination of what drives Jimmy into his cons; the notion that he capitalises upon advantage and potential, not letting opportunities go to waste. It is a perfect representation¬†of the character and the effect his father’s actions had on him. While this episode feels disjointed and does repeat and reinforce several ideas such as Jimmy’s efforts in gaining money, the sequences individually are beautifully shot and directed, especially those that showcase the methodical nature of Nacho and Mike, and Chuck’s self-redemption. This perspective of Chuck is interesting considering the scorn viewers had for the character a few weeks back. The ability for the writers, directors and Michael McKean to create such a heart-breaking sympathy for Chuck is unrivalled, and again gets to the roots of this franchise’s promotion of anti-heroes. 8.7/10


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