Review: Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1 “Eye of the Beholder”

An astonishing step up from the second season, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ returns with an excellently directed episode filled with graphic horror, tension, suspense and emotional, poignant moments. The sense of unity that is created is well orchestrated to fix some of the show’s issues including its disjointed characters and conflicting ideologies. While it doesn’t have the time to emphasise wider political ramifications, it does have several minor statements about making assumptions and trust that resonate. The new characters are instantly compelling, especially the relationship between the new brothers, and the episode’s scope and cinematography is also beautiful, superbly complimented by near-perfect visual and special effects. I do worry how much of the show’s budget was spent on this one episode, as this series does tend to spend heaps in clumps and leave little for the succeeding episodes. But ultimately, this was a clear return to form for a show that has lacked intensive and meaningful action and horror.


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