Review: Fargo Season 3 Episode 7 “The Law of Inevitability”

The continual thematic weaving of the notions of a story, and how events can accumulate in a result that makes sense but is not necessarily true, is this season of ‘Fargo’s’ most superbly realised aspect. Everything surrounding this concept is finely produced but doesn’t have the same striking impact. While the characters are at their best here, with Gloria’s ability, determination and simple good will illustrating a great, albeit not original, picture of police procedure and gender roles, and Emitt’s breakdown working, they lack the overall energy and fresh appeal to be mesmerising. ‘Fargo’ promotes its central conspiracy and why we should care about its repercussions, but its inevitable developments and aggession of the goons seeming to drain it of excitement. It is increasingly becoming one-note and lacking greater nuance. Last week’s twist provided the show with a sudden pulse that this episode utilises in terms of narrative, but doesn’t retain its gripping momentum. 8.5/10


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