Review: Bloodline Season 3 Episode 7 “Part 30”

Loyalty to ones’ family has always been of incredible significance to the ‘Bloodline’ brand, a concept repetitively discussed throughout the series as justification for actions. A viewer may even begin to believe such reasoning, with such superb performances as the show often presents. However, this episode really went further than others in the sense that it commented upon that justification, noting that no one is ultimately left safe or unaffected by particular actions. The visions that haunt us are not indicative of random moments, but of meaningful impressions. While Sally goes through a form of catharsis and draws upon these ideals, the writers continue to ground her manipulative ways and deceit. It is a family trait, one that is increasingly looking to be coming from her, not her husband. The usual issues in fact haunt this episode, especially in terms of pace, but the overall message seem necessary and finally elicited. 9/10


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