Review: Wonder Woman

Source: The Indian Express

‘Wonder Woman’ is a success in large part because of the superb, emotional and often stirring performance from Gal Gadot who nails the character’s drive, naivety and willpower. The relationship between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor is the core bloodline of this film; binding energy with a compelling case to push the narrative forward even in the slowest of moments. The wider mythology is also exciting, as the screenplay, though heavy in exposition and in times promoting contrived situations, is able to fuse the film’s realism and its more outlandish portrayal of gods and magic. This is complimented by an excellent range of production design, from the sequences in Themyscira to the war. The visual effects don’t pull their weight, but the film’s action choreography feels fresh and intrinsic to the character. There is some welcomed nuance presented regarding humanity, mostly in the discussion about how men are neither good nor bad, something that supports Ares’ motives and purpose. However, my greatest concern with this film is in its self-indulgent messages and warping of some situations of war to promote the titular character’s ability and skill, taking away from the efforts of real men. The central villains are underdeveloped and feel very much like placeholders or mechanisms to simply keep the audience entertained until the final reveal. The film’s finale, though a riveting sequence, suffers from a predictable twist and simplistic, clichéd resolution. Ultimately, however, although feeling safe and at times underwhelming, ‘Wonder Woman’ will certainly delight in its embrace of its titular character and lore, as well as its brilliant performances. 4/5


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