Review: House of Cards Season 5 Episode 13 “Chapter 65”

The transformation is complete, as Claire takes power and Frank is relegated into some supposed obscurity. He would like to believe he still retains control and some level of influence, but as Claire makes very clear, it is her turn to lead. Again there may be a level of the transitional throughout this episode, as it attempts to resolve multiple storylines as to not put too much pressure on what will be a jam-packed sixth season. However, ultimately the consequence of Claire’s actions will be detrimental upon Frank. His attitude towards her has always been questionable as he attempts to justify everything as being his plan. His plan is so neat and tightly arranged that it promotes the notion that for Frank its all about his ability to persuade and create the right perspective in the public’s, and media’s, minds. Frank is supposed to be the master of persuasion and manipulation, yet Claire is stepping into the ring. Such a struggle is a compelling concept,  but ‘House of Cards’ has an array of excellent, intriguing stories, from Doug’s fate to the journalistic investigation. The upcoming season is sure to be as every bit as brilliant as this one. 9.3/10


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