Review: House of Cards Season 5 Episode 11 “Chapter 63”

‘House of Cards’ has had an inevitable structure as an overall series, showcasing the rise and fall of Francis Underwood and the varying aspects of political and social life he has influenced. Of course, the show has developed to be much more than this, with Claire Underwood’s development as well as the show’s timely and powerful commentary on both American politics and culture. This episode encapsulates that vision, riveting in its authenticity and realism, while also complex in character. The growing isolation between Frank and Claire feels organic, more in tune than the last time there was tension between the power couple. We see the humanity within Claire, but also her ruthless, merciless scorn and desires, something we can both compare and contrast to Frank. His desire to be gain a favourable legacy becomes overshadowed as we finally see fear in him, as his so-called downfall, something constantly discussed by critics, feels in sight. While the show continues to have its contrived, soapy moments, from Tom to the webcams providing exposition, “House of Cards’ is a compelling watch, as loyalty is tested and loose ends are cut in the storm. 9.4/10


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