Review: House of Cards Season 5 Episode 10 “Chapter 62”

An issue I have had with House of Cards throughout this season is its tendency to often present uneventful, slow, or downright boring developments and swoop in at the end with a moment that leaves viewers shocked. Such a structure may have viewers watching the next episode, but it can make the journey a little tedious. This episode doesn’t quite require that criticism, but its disjointed, poorly edited middle section does get slightly repetitive, as characters attempt to tie up loose ends. The final ten to fifteen minutes however, are some of this season’s most crucial, as they confirm many concerns for the Underwoods, most significantly Claire’s growing ambitions and tire for Frank’s means of action, promoting the sense that he has almost become her loose end. It is subdued but as Frank’s downfall inevitably comes about, ultimately it his own will, arrogance, perspectives and rhetoric that will haunt him. The episode’s gloomy lighting and atmospheric shots denote the unsettled sphere he exists in, one that is about to further tighten. 8.4/10


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