Review: House of Cards Season 5 Episode 9 “Chapter 61”

While the start makes for an excellent commentary on the viewer’s expectations of the Underwoods, while also confirming my earlier issues with the show’s pace and the inevitability of Frank succeeding, the rest of the episode does meander around. To be fair this episode needs to be transitional, pushing forward Frank’s position with the usual beats while also examining what his new White House will look like. The Russian storyline is slightly all over the place with Jane Davis’ involvement hopefully leading somewhere rather than her just being a plot mechanism to help the Underwoods out of international situations. What this episode succeeds in gloriously however, is in its teases. The subtle, and often humorous, breaking of the fourth wall from characters other than Frank, and excellent symbolic representation of the inner workings of the Underwoods was intriguing and compelling. 8.3/10


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