Review: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 Episode 9 “Kimmy Goes To Church!”

The episodic elements of this episode are excellently developed from Kimmy’s serialised narrative regarding her impression of religion and the Reverend. While the writers could have gone further to stress this point, and make her realisation at the end more in line with her as a character, the commentary presented is striking. Although the hypocrisy of religion and its place in society has been discussed before, this perspective was intriguing, especially in highlighting the views of the elderly. It also brought about real change for Titus, serving the character well. Jacqueline and Lillian’s storyline is well written, with a superb performance from Carol Kane. Again, like with Kimmy, I wish the writers had pushed the thematic and character elements of Jacqueline’s decision to embrace herself, as her constant back and forth between selfishness and selfness is becoming tiring, but the storyline was still a great step forward. 8.7/10


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