Review: House of Cards Season 5 Episode 8 “Chapter 60”

Despite aspects of this episode feeling like filler, again presenting a relatively confined issue that pushes out resolution to the election, and some notions feeling repetitive and inconsequential, this was a strong episode for Frank Underwood in terms of character. We rarely see Frank outside of the political sphere and this episode confirmed his need and compulsion with it, yet the metaphor of him being in the wilderness was the most powerful. Underwood not only desires Washington, but he needs it. He claims victory based upon rhetoric and dialogue, unlike his opposition which bases their campaign on patriotism and a different form of service. Underwood identifies the power associated with debate, leverage and discourse. He can promote an illusion of being the working man and ‘getting back to work’, but while he certainly puts in the effort, it is not a chore for him. Meanwhile, the Russian ship subplot, while again slightly contrived in its timing, made an extremely potent and relevant mark on the Russian influence in election and the reality of international co-operation. 8.7/10


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