Review: House of Cards Season 5 Episode 7 “Chapter 59”

The crises and issues that ‘House of Cards’ present continue to indicate a level of authenticity and realism. While the crisis at the centre of this episode is rather too orchestrated and contrived, its implications are riveting and make for compelling viewing as the writers continue to draw out the election process, which I sincerely hope is resolved soon and not left to the finale. Robin Wright is sensational as Claire Underwood, something that cannot be understated. Her performance here is impeccable as she has to deal with both the weight of her position, but also considering how her actions affect Francis’ re-election and her sustenance of power. The variables continue to shift in an extremely complex, but never convoluted manner, with the writers clearly trying to show that Claire and Francis need each-other, yet their individual ambitions seem in constant conflict. Both benefit from chaos, but realistically only one can come out on top. The show’s dialogue and narrative doesn’t present their interplay as such a struggle, but the complexities and nuances of the characters suggest deeper intentions. 9.5/10


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