Review: House of Cards Season 5 Episode 5 “Chapter 57”

For an outside looking in, a metaphor interestingly used throughout this episode as the show denotes that those seeking power really have little interest in the protestors at the White House’s door, there has always been a very clear image of Frank and Claire Underwood. Bold, ruthless, controlling and manipulative are the very basic, superficial and generalised words that come to mind. However, as this show has frequently highlighted, the characters contain a complexity that arises from their relationships and intentions that surpass such descriptors. Unfortunately, this episode doesn’t capitalise upon that, relying again upon big moments to overshadow the poor pace and lack of resolution. One could argue that the show is simply representing the drawn-out, tedious nature of American politics and democracy, but such an argument must become redundant if it hurts the show’s compelling form. The writers are unable to present an intriguing or fresh depiction of the characters when lacking chaos and terror. 7.9/10


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